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Frequently asked questions

Where do I find my game?

Games from 2020 onward will be available as Video on Demand or direct download from our VIMEO channel.  The benefit now is that games are cheaper and you can pay for either a 48 hour rental or purchase to own forever.

Games from 2018 to 2019 - Contact us and make a request for a particular game. Games prior to 2018 may be available in our Legacy Store (2009-2017).

I can't find my game but I know you filmed it?

Use the Contact Us form and start the process of locating or uploading the game for you.

In most cases the game will be up on a Facebook page for free or on our Vimeo page for free.

Can I just ring you and pay for it over the phone?

No; we are not setup as a retail store, our working weeks are spent at football grounds or getting the gear ready for the next week of games. If you call you will simply get directed back to the website.